How much will it cost to fit a replacement boiler in a family home?

publication date: Jan 29, 2014
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

Fitting a boiler and the costs will depend on many things. Remember, it is important to only use a qualified and recognised Gas Sage Registered Engineer to fit a boiler – legally they are the only people who can fit gas appliances and connect/disconnect the gas. To find one visit the Gas Safe Registered site

  1. How tough or easy it is to remove the old boiler
  2. Whether the pipes you have going to your boiler need upgrading (may need to be bigger)
  3. If you are on an upper floor and scaffolding is required
  4. The price of the boiler
  5. Your location which will determine the hour/day rate of a Gas Safe Registered engineer

On average, most boilers take a maximum of two days to fit. This might mean two people fitting the boiler in a day. Some will charge VAT on their labour, some won’t but all will charge VAT on the products they buy.

So I live in a nice village in Lincolnshire and here are the prices we paid - I have rounded the figures up. These costs are for a boiler to service 10 radiators, two showers.

Worcester 34 CDI boiler and fluexxxx X£1060 + 20% VAT  X= £1,272
Pipes and fittings  X£48 + 20% VAT X= £58
Magnaclean pro 284.70 X£79 + 20% VAT X= £95
1 Siemens Prog roomstat X£48 + 20% VAT X= £58
Labour for 2 people, 9 hours work X£425 + 20% VAT X= £510


Boiler Costs

Is £1,200 a fair price to pay? Well looking at it, the boiler is pretty high in price. Checking on-line I can get the boiler for around £1,000 – inclusive of VAT. So that looks like a 20% ‘mark-up’ on the boiler.

Normally I would expect to see a mark-up, but probably around 10-15%. That pays for ordering the goods, delivery or collection and transportation. Personally I think that’s pretty reasonable. The danger if you buy it yourself and don’t know what you are doing is you don’t get the right things, so you end up wasting the Gas Safe Engineer’s time.

So boiler/flue cost – quite high

Magnaclean Pro and Siemens roomstat – about on par if I had bought them myself

This is where we really did get value for money. Recently having had a bathroom done, to pay £425 for 18 man hours is an hourly rate of £23 per hour which is excellent value for money.

Most importantly they cleaned and tidied everything up and were fantastic fun to have around – that’s important too from my perspective. And they live just round the corner, so if I have any problems at all, they can pop in on the way to or from other jobs to help me fix it.

Summary of costs
So for a family sized boiler in a 4 bed house, with two showers and around 10 radiators, the cost of the boiler, including VAT was pretty good at just under £2,000.

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