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Buildings and contents cover


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Check your building sum insured is adequate to cover the up to date cost of rebuilding your home. 
Check each room to work out how much it would cost to replace as new the contents at your home if your property burned down or was flooded.  
Check how much excess you would have to pay if you make a claim e.g. £100, £150 or £250
  Check the level of alternative accommodation cover offered as a result of your home being inhabitable, as a result of flooding for example. 
  Will the insurance cover you for water or oil leaks?
  Do you have specific valuable items which need protecting – in and out of the home?
  If you have a home emergency such as plumbing or gas, is any cover provided?
Do you want insurance to cover accidental damage for buildings and contents?
What happens if glass or mirrors are broken? Are you covered? 
What items do you need covering in AND outside your home? Eg laptop or jewellery 
Is there cover for items in your garden or personal effects of visitors if something happens when they stay?
Are you covered against fraudulent use of your credit cards or even things like losing the contents of your freezer?
How much will you save by organising buildings and contents insurance with the same company?
Check what ISN’T insured with your policy, a good insurance company will make this clear.
How long can you leave the property unoccupied before restrictions apply?


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