Quick guide to carry out property projects


Quick guide carrying out property projects checklist

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Know the 10 top things you MUST do!
Know what order to do things in.
Make sure you choose a reputable company with a third party complaints procedure.
  Always have a contract (this can be an email with a 'read receipt').
  Know the hidden costs of property projects.
  Work out how you and the family will manage during the property project, eg without gas, electric or water. 
  Understand the minimum and maximum time a project might take.
Know your property project financials, eg what do you have to pay for, when and how much.
Get involved - don't leave it for everyone else to do, lead the project or pay a project manager!
Have an idea before you start of what can go wrong and how to fix it.
File all the paperwork, you will need them to sell your property or claim tax back if investing, eg copies of contracts, guarantees, legal paperwork.


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