Whether to inventory yourself or employ someone

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If you employ someone, check they have a robust method of carrying out an inventory.
Ideally make sure they are members of AIIC or APIP.
If you prefer to do the inventory yourself, don’t create your own, make sure you have a good system to help you, such as Inventory Genius.
  Make sure the inventory has:
  • The correct and full property address
  • The property type eg terrace, flat
  • The date the inventory was carried out
  • Preambles at the beginning which are easy to read and understand especially regards to cleaning conditions.
  Include the property address on each page.
  Carry out the inventory on the day of move in, or the day before.
  Make sure you clearly word everything  – someone has to be able to read and understand it without you being there. 
Be specific, if there are scratches, don’t say ‘a few’ say two or three.
If you have evidence an item or decorations carried out to the property are new insert the date.
Take date and time stamped photos of everything.
Make sure the outside walls and floors are safe, eg no loose tiles or bricks.
Inspect all walls, ceilings and fixtures and fittings, check for scratches, knocks and marks.
Check for stains and rips in flooring and carpets.
Look for signs of damp and mould, especially in bathrooms and around windows.
Make sure electric and gas appliances, plumbing, lights etc switch on and work.
Check the doors and windows open, close and lock.
Look carefully at kitchen worktops for burn marks, scratches and stains.
Are all the white goods, sinks, taps, bathtubs, working okay and are they clean?
Check outside and in the garden for the condition of things like fences/gates.
Know and note if the tenant is going to be responsible for it.
Make a note via a time stamped photograph and in writing, of meter readings, both on check in and check out, make a note of where they are.
Ask the tenant to sign each page of the inventory to prove they have read it.
Make sure you carry out the inventory check out with the tenant there to sort any disputes at the property.


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