Choosing your Perfect Home Checklist


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Schools usually dictate where/what you can afford if you have kids, so make sure you know the local school catchment area first.
Work out how much time you will spend in your home - 10% of your day? 25% of your day? 100% of your time?
What's more important - the home or the location? Could you move somewhere else and afford the home you want?
  What rooms do you need to have the most space? A big bedroom might be nice, but do you really need it?
  Do you really need a spare room for guests? Can you get the lounge or an office to double up as a guest room? Convert the garage? Use an outbuilding? Do a deal with a local B&B? 
  Do you need a house with lots of light or do you mind a cottage which can be quite dark? 
  How much storage do you need, if there isn't enough in the home, can you create the space or use a self storage facility?
A perfect home may be old and full of character, but how much will it cost to maintain?
Living in a an idyllic location such as near a river or the sea may sound lovely, but what about flooding or the damage salt can do to a home?
Is parking a car outside your home a requirement? Do you use your car daily? Can you hire a local garage more cheaply than buy a house with a garage? Or could you rent a parking spot from a neighbour that doesn't use theirs?
What outside space do you actually need? How often will you use it? Could you have an allotment or is their open space nearby you can utilise?
If you have outside space, have you the time or money to maintain it?
Can you get cable, a good mobile phone signal and fast enough broadband speeds?
What's the journey like to and from work? Is it better to be nearer to work and travel to things you enjoy (like walks in the country) or travel a long way to work and be near the things you love doing? 
Do you need to be near shops or do you pass them on the way home from work or school? 
If you want to live in an expensive area you can't afford, how close can you get? You might just want to go there in your spare time two to three times a week, so how much would you be willing to travel?
You might love a local pub, but if one isn't nearby can you create your own at home? Or is there a local social club or a sports club you can join with their own bar?


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