GDPR Information

Data protection controller
Kate Faulkner MD.

What personal data do we keep?
We receive consumer data which involves one or more of the following:

  • Email address, tel number and in some cases, home address

  • Consumers will also give us personal information relevant to their property query, eg information about a property they may be looking to buy, invest in or rent

Where does consumer data come from?
We secure consumer data via our internet service provider SubHub, our newsletter provider Mailchimp and by people emailing us their information.

Where do we keep consumer data?

  • The majority of consumer data that we hold is kept on SubHub, Anserver, Survey Monkey, Gmail and MailChimp.

  • In other cases when consumers email us directly this is typically held on Outlook/Gmail.

  • Finally, we may do an individual report on a property that someone has asked us to assess, therefore their personal information may be held in a word document which could be saved on an individual’s laptop/computer and is typically backed up on our Cloud system: NAS Drive.

Here is the Subhub privacy policy;

Here is the Mailchimp privacy policy;

Here is the Google privacy policy;

Here is the Anserve privacy policy;

Here is the Survey Monkey privacy policy.

How long do we keep consumer data for?
The data held on consumers on SubHub, Survey Monkey, Gmail and MailChimp are managed by the consumer themselves, so we will hold their data until a time when they unsubscribe which they are free to do at any time.

If someone requests to be removed by email from either of these databases, we action that immediately and advise the person that their details have been removed.

Up until now we have not had a policy with regards to how long we keep personal data we hold via Outlook and word documents. Due to GDPR all staff will be instructed to delete records either if the consumer requests it or by the December of the year we receive their data.

Who stores consumer data?

  • Subhub
  • Survey Monkey
  • Google
  • Mailchimp
  • Anserve

All staff store data either on their own laptops/computers or on the company NAS Drive.

How do we seek consent?
We seek consent in two ways:

  1. Via third parties such as MailChimp, Survey Monkey, SubHub

  2. Whenever we receive an email and we need to pass on consumer details we always receive written email consent from the consumer.

In addition, we send all consumers who email in with their questions our privacy statement.

Consumers can write to us at any time to understand what data we hold or indeed request any data on that person is deleted.

Here are our terms and conditions and privacy/data protection policy:

How do we process the data?

  1. Via third parties such as MailChimp, Survey Monkey, SubHub

  2. Whenever we receive an email we save the consumer’s details via Outlook/Gmail and in an excel spreadsheet to track consumer queries.

Breach notification
All staff are required to notify the data controller that any consumer information has been lost/stolen via email, text including where possible a read receipt within 24 hrs of data loss. If the data controller is not accessible, please notify all other members of staff and decide who is going to take on the responsibility to notify the consumer.

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